Frequently Asked Questions

What is SRJC for Free?

SRJC for Free is Santa Rosa Junior College’s commitment to offering first-time college students tuition-free education.


Who is eligible?

First-time college students, regardless of financial need, who begin attending in fall and who enroll in 12 units or more.  Students must be California residents (or AB540) and have submitted the necessary financial aid applications (FAFSA or Dream Act). Students must begin in the fall to receive free tuition for a year.

Am I eligible if I’m starting in the Spring semester?

Yes, you may be eligible for SRJC for Free if you start in the spring and you meet the eligibility criteria.


Am I eligible if I’m a second-year SRJC student?

Yes, second-year students are now eligible, if they were also eligible during their first year. It is not required that they received funding the first year.  


Am I eligible if I’m a returning student?

No, you must be a first-time student (first or second year, as previously outlined)


Am I eligible if I have taken classes as a High-School student (dual enrollment)?

Yes, you are eligible if you took classes in high school.


How many classes are 12 units? 

Classes range from 1.5-4 units (most are 3-4 units). Generally, 12 units will be 3-4 classes, depending on the specific course selection.
Units are equivalent to hours in class (i.e. if a class meets for 4 hours/week, it will be 4 units – not inclusive of homework hours)


How do I apply for SRJC for Free?

1. Submit the application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act (CADAA).

FAFSA open dates for Fall 2019: Oct 1, 2018

Dream Act open dates for Fall 2019: Oct.1, 2018


2. Apply to Santa Rosa Junior College through the California Community College Application CCCApply


3. Register for Classes via the SRJC Student Portal


What is covered?


What is not covered?

Health Services fee - $20 Fall/Spring, $16 Summer

Student Representation Fee - $1

Cub Card Membership (optional) - $15

Photo ID card - $5

Various Course Material Fees & Books

Parking Fees - $60 Fall/Spring, $30 Summer (discounts for Cub Card holders, Motorcycles, and weekend only)


What if I drop my course?

Grants will be disbursed after the add/drop period, as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. If you drop course load to below 12 units after receiving the grant you may not be eligible to receive the tuition grant for the Spring Term.